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Ms. Amal Abdulla Khamis Al Matrooshi
Managing Director

Ms. Anita Chandran
General Manager
Mobile Number: 055-334 4860

Mr. C. Madhavan
Technical Manager
Mobile Number: 050-250 7800

Dr. Ajith Pillai
Customer Relationship Manager
Mobile Number: 055-449 9806

Mr. Rajiv Nair
Sales Manager
Mobile Number: 055-270 2783


Tanker trucks 10,000 gallons

Tanker trucks 5,000 gallons

Tanker trucks 1,000 gallons


It’s important to get it right.
In Top Clean Environment Services we have the established expertise to handle the removal and disposal of liquid waste stream, from general and hazardous wastes. We assure in your facilities management with the confidence of more than 13 years operations in the Emirates. Our services are provided on a flat fee performance agreement with no capital exposure or risk to your organization. We take complete responsibility of your waste onsite, from the point of generation, and till the designated disposal sites.


Operational activities of Top Clean Environment Services is designed to achieve continuous waste reduction and the entire satisfaction of Local Regulatory Bodies. To understand how our approach can benefit you, it’s helpful to understand what we are:

  • We do provide consultative resources. The difference is that rather than tell you how to do something we actually come in and do it for you.
  • We do provide the best price by leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships just like the best companies do.
  • We do own all of the compactors and collection assets on your behalf while remaining flexible to choose the best provider.
  • We do provide a dedicated site manager and the option of technicians to manage the collection and appropriate handling of all waste on-site.
  • A comprehensive Waste Reduction Plan to achieve your targeted environmental goals
  • A dedicated Program Manager to oversee all aspects of your waste disposal
  • SINGLE invoicing to simplify your waste management expenses
  • Complete observance of safety standards.

We take responsibility for driving your environmental target goals forward, allowing you to focus on your core discipline, product, or service. Unlike most vendors, we have skin in the game.